Secure Document Storage

If your company has sensitive documents that must be stored, a secure document storage company is the only solution that will fit your needs. These companies are a viable option for businesses that have financial records, health records or proprietary records that could cause harm if they fall into the wrong hands.

Organizing Files at a Secure Document Storage Facility
There are several services you should expect from a secure document storage facility. Your documents shouldn't just be shoved in a room with a bunch of other documents. Your files should be organized and stored together. While there may be files from other companies in the same room, it should be easy to locate your files without disturbing files from other companies.

Monitored and Controlled Access to Files
Access to the files should be monitored and limited. The room where your documents are stored should have some sort of access control system like doors with security keypad locks. You should also see cameras around the room. These cameras should be placed where they can monitor who is going into the room and where they are going. If clients are going into the room where files from multiple clients are stored, an employee of the secure document storage company should accompany the client. A better system is if the boxes the client needs are placed in a secure room for the client to go through, as this ensures that the client doesn't tamper with any other boxes except his or her own.

Monitored Delivery of Secure Documents
The secure document storage facility should offer monitored delivery and retrieval. When the documents are picked up at your office, a barcode label should be placed on them and each box should be scanned. When they arrive at the facility, each box should be scanned again. This is done to ensure that they make it to the facility. It is also a way to ensure that the driver didn't make any stops where tampering could have occurred.

Monitored Retrieval of Documents
If you call the company to have some documents retrieved, the box should be scanned when it is opened and scanned again when it is closed. If scanning isn't possible, a log should be kept. Of course, you can always just ask for a specific box so that the contents are never manipulated by the staff at the secure document storage company.

Security of Each Box
Since your documents contain sensitive information, you should take all the steps possible to ensure that they don't get tampered with. One way to do this is to use boxes that you can lock. Just remember that if you opt to use a box that locks, you will always have to ask for the box to be retrieved since the employees at the storage company won't be able to access the contents of the box. You also have to ensure that the keys or combinations to the boxes are placed in a safe and secure location in your office so that you have them when you need to access the files.

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I deal with Logicmove in the capacity of managing our Archiving. All work undertaken by Logicmove has proved to be excellent and are always very helpful and reliable.

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